As most countries have business relationships as a result of the varied geographical characteristics of different products, the need for making foreign contacts and sales is deeply felt. In order for the above mentioned needs to be met, companies need to be familiar with product introduction, resources, terms of payment, credit regulation, transport insurance, clearance, etc. Sales managers and systems are in charge of negotiations for these factors.

More than thirty products

from two international brands


The repeated and successful, experience of import and clearance from Lithuania, China and UAE has provided us with the confidence to host and serve prestigious companies in Iran.

Rahnegargostar’s skilled personnel believe in the possibility of being good business partners for other companies through maintaining the principles of honesty and integrity

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Rahnegargostar trading company started out in the year 2010 aiming to sell and trade fleet management hardware and deliver tracking services around Iran. After having prepared the necessary equipment, the company enlisted skilled managers and experts of the field and set out to assess analyze fleet management tracking systems both in Iran and outside. The assessment led to becoming the official representative Company in Lithuania which is a very prestigious tracking device producer based in Europe. After securing good market shares with this brand, we set out to become the representative of another famous company in the field, namely the Chinese company, Offering business and sales services to fellow companies has always been among our most important visions and many opportunities have been forgone in order for this moral rule to be observed.

مازراتی تا سال ۲۰۲۰ خودروی برقی می‌سازد
«مازراتی»، شرکت خودروسازی ایتالیایی لوکس (زیرمجموعه فیات کرایسلر) می‌خواهد تا سال ۲۰۲۰ خودروی الکتریکی بسازد. این دومین خودروی برقی از شرکت مادر مازراتی به حساب می‌‌آید. خبر خودروی برقی مازراتی...
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