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The benefits of buying from us

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  1. While purchasing from Rahnegargostar, you will not face with restrictions on the number of the order.
  2. Rahnegargostar allows multiple custom product in a short time.
  3. In case signing a contract with Rahnegargostar, no deposit is required.
  4. Working capital for the purchase of goods are generally removed.
  5. Human resources are not engaged in the process of purchasing, coordinating money order and sending goods to Iran and clearance.
  6. Clearance process and subsequent administrative involvements are removed.
  7. No need for a place to store the cargo and elimination of all warehousing costs.
  8. Delivery of goods in most provincial capitals takes place in less than 24 hours.
  9. With increased purchase, partners benefit from more credits and discounts on list prices.
  10. Delivery of functional devices with 10-day test time and possibility of replacing defective devices.
  11.  Increased customer satisfaction due to quickly receiving the product.