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Guarantee of authenticity and warranty of products

Rahnegargostar; the original product

Rahnegargostar, as a sales representative of Teltonika and Meitrack products,guarantees the authenticity of all its items and supplies them all with original and valid warranty. Since for the supply of products, Rahnegargostar works only with reputable and legitimate foreign companies, customers can rest assured that they purchase items with genuine hologram labels with no manipulation having been taken place. Companies that are not eligible for official imports or possess no license for authorized representation are unable to import goods and their activity is illegal.

Rahnegargostar; the original warranty

Companies authorized by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade as lawful importers that practice in the country and their names are listed on the ministry website should also provide warranty and after-sales service. Therefore, warranty of these companies are valid. In this way, customers who are confused by the nameless warranties, can identify valid warranties from invalid ones. All products provided by Rahnegargostar have an official warranty and have entered the country obtaining the necessary permits.Therefore, all products supplied by Rahnegargostar are original and never are used or fake items sold in Rahnegargostar complex. Therefore, Rahnegargostar guarantees all products available on the website.

Teltonika hardware has 20-month replacement warranty. That is, at most 48 hours after sending the device and testing it, if the device is faulty and warranty conditions have been met,our support team will send another one.So by this way of warranty, customers will be able to quickly return their vehicle to the fleet management system.In the meantime, given the speed switching hardware,there is usually no need to install a replacement device until the problem of defective device is resolved.And finally the result is more satisfied customers.

Meitrack hardware warranty includes 10-day replacement warranty and 6-month repair warranty afterwards.

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